French Immersion Program

At St. Martin School, students have a choice after Junior Kindergarten. They may enter the Senior Kindergarten English program or the French Immersion program.

An early French Immersion program provides maximum exposure to the French language and thus produces a more natural fluency in the language. In addition, younger children are less inhibited about learning a second language and profit from a situation where they are engaged in vital and necessary communication.

Early Total French Immersion

St. Martin School offers an early total French Immersion Program beginning at the Senior Kindergarten level. In the initial stages of the program, the child is totally immersed in the French language. English is introduced gradually and sequentially in subsequent years. Please refer to the chart below.

The French language becomes the vehicle for skill development in other curriculum areas. Although French is the principal language of instruction in the early years, the curriculum content studied is parallel to that covered in the English stream.

The Introduction of English

The percentage of English is gradually increased according to the following model.

Grade/Percentage of English-Language Instruction

Senior Kindergarten: 0%

Grade 1: 10%

Grade 2: 10%

Grade 3: 30%

Grade 4: 40%

Grade 5: 40%

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