School Uniforms

Wearing school uniforms develops a sense of belonging and community in our schools. It distinguishes the school as a Catholic school who's mission statement is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. On top of that, wearing a uniform increases the security of our students since all of them can be easily identified as belonging to one of our schools.

School uniforms will consist of black pants/skirts/walking shorts, and authorized crested tops. The black bottoms may be purchased from any vendor. The authorized crested tops may only be purchased at our approved vendor, Sportop Marketing.

Sportop Marketing: 777 Central Ave. Thunder Bay | (807) 346-5400 | Store Hours |

Our Uniforms

Crested Top (purchased from Sportop Marketing)

  • Oxfords and Dress Shirts
  • Golf Shirts or Polos
  • T-Shirts
  • Fleece Vest
  • Zip-up Sweater
  • Crew-neck Sweater

Non-Crested Pieces

  • black pants
  • black skirts
  • black walking shorts
  • white tops for wear under crested uniform pieces
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