Safety First!

If you or someone you know needs mental health help urgently to stay or get safe, please:

  • Call 346-8282 for telephone crisis support 24/7/365.
  • If the situation is potentially life threatening, call 911 for emergency services or go to the hospital emergency department.
  • At school, tell a staff person so that crisis help can be arranged.

Know what to do in a crisis or emergency situation and where to turn for help in Thunder Bay by downloading the free safety planning App for teens, Be Safe, on any Android or iOS device

For more information on Be Safe, please click here

Student Mental Health Crisis, Counselling & Referral Services:

Thunder Bay Catholic Schools has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Children’s Centre Thunder Bay (C.C.T.B) for student mental health crisis intervention, counselling & referral services.

School Mental Health Counsellors:

    • Follow a brief intervention service model i.e, 1-5 sessions
    • Are regulated professionals who hold a Master’s Degree in Social Work or other counselling profession.
    • Work alongside or within our school mental health and well-being teams consisting of Administrators, Special Education Teachers / Staff, Guidance Counsellors, Indigenous Cultural Counsellors, Chaplains, Attendance Counsellors and other school mental health professionals.

High Schools

St. Ignatius High School and St. Patrick High School each have a full-time, dedicated C.C.T.B School Mental Health Counsellor on-site throughout the academic year.

Access is through the Guidance Department.

Senior Elementary Schools

A C.C.T.B Mental Health Counsellor provides brief, school-based student counselling & referral services (1-5 sessions) to Pope John Paul II School two days a week during the academic year.

Bishop Gallagher School and Bishop E.Q. Jennings School each have C.C.T.B. counselling & referral services available to students one day a week during the academic year.

Access to services in all three senior elementary schools is through Guidance.

Elementary Schools

    • Brief C.C.T.B school-based intervention and referral services (1-5 individual sessions)
    • For students in grade 2 though 6 experiencing mild to moderate social, emotional and/or behavioural issues
    • Focus is on immediate presenting needs or problems using skill-based, child- and school-focused approaches
    • Services are delivered at the school, during school hours by a visiting C.C.T.B School Counsellor
    • Parents and Education Teams are consulted and play an active role in supporting young students to reach therapeutic goals
    • If longer-term, family-focused or more specialized services are needed the C.C.T.B Counselor may help facilitate referrals

Elementary Service access: School-based C.C.T.B brief services may be recommended by the school to enhance a young student’s current coping and functioning. If parents/guardians are in agreement, the school proceeds with a referral for service.

For more information, contact the Principal or Board Mental Health Leader.

Positive Connections Elementary Program

The Positive Connections Program is offered in three elementary schools: St. Jude, St. Martin and St. Vincent. Schools share access to a dedicated school-based Social Worker (M.S.W), who specializes in Mindfulness Practice and helps connect mental health to learning through:

  • In-class and school-wide positive mental health and mindfulness education
  • Consultation and coaching support to school staff
  • Brief school-based student counselling/intervention and referral services (average of 1-5 sessions)

For more information, contact the Principal or Board Mental Health Leader.

Mental Health & Addictions Nurse Program

Through a memorandum of understanding with the Northwest LHIN, Thunder Bay Catholic Schools has access to a school-based Mental Health & Addictions Nurse (MHAN). The MHAN provides specialist mental health support to students and works alongside education staff and other school mental health professionals.


  • Crisis support to students experiencing acute mental health concerns at school
  • Support to students transitioning from hospital to community and back to school
  • Help with medication questions or concerns and physician liaison
  • Connects students and families to community mental health, psychiatric or other specialist services

Attendance Counsellors

School attendance is important to learning, achievement, social-emotional development and future success. We know from research that school connection –attendance and sense of belonging and acceptance at school – is a key protective factor for child and youth mental health and well-being.

The Board employs two Attendance Counsellors who:

  • Work to engage students persistently absent from school
  • Help identify and reduce barriers to school attendance l
  • Help identify and put in place classroom/school approaches or resources needed to improve family/student engagement and attendance
  • Look out for the safety, welfare and well-being of students who are not attending school
  • Work closely with families, the board and schools, mental health and social service organizations, child welfare and youth justice sector.
  • Are registered with the Ontario Association of Counsellors and Attendance Services (O.A.C.A.S).

    Glenda Carleton

    Tel: (807) 625-1586
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    • St. Martin
    • St. Thomas Aquinas
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    • St. Margaret
    • St. Pius X
    • Bishop E.Q. Jennings
    • St. Patrick

    Todd Perrier

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    • St. Ann
    • St. Elizabeth
    • Pope John Paul II
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    • St. Ignatius

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