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Student Social Work Counselling & Support Services are available now, throughout August and once school/learning-at-home resumes for students from grade 2-12.

School Social Workers provide brief supportive counselling services (1-5 sessions on average) to help with personal school and life challenges connected to:

  • Impacts of COVID
  • Mood
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Back-to-school concerns (classroom or at-home-learning)
  • Family, friends, dating issues
  • Identity
  • Difficult experiences, thoughts or feelings

School Social Workers also help with referrals to other community services.

How do students access counselling support?

Referrals are accepted from:

  • Students (12 and older)
  • Parents/guardians of students under 12
  • School staff on behalf of a student and with appropriate verbal consent
  • Community Service Providers on behalf of a student and with appropriate consent

*Important: Parents/guardians who are separated or divorced and share custody must both agree to counselling services on behalf of children under 12.

Please complete and submit this quick online referral form to request student counselling support.

What happens next?

Once the referral is received, you will be contacted within 1-2 working days to plan services.

How are counselling services offered?

The Social Worker will negotiate this with you. Options include virtual counselling, phone-based services or in-person with screening and safeguards. Services are voluntary (your choice) and confidential.

What if this is a crisis situation and help is needed now?

Call Thunder Bay’s 24/7 help line 346-8282 for immediate mental health support or information. Anyone may call-children, youth, adults. Treat a mental health emergency as you would a physical health emergency and call 911 or go to the emergency department.

Questions about student counselling services?

Email the Board Mental Health Leader

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