About Bishop E.Q. Jennings

Our Mission

We, the staff of Bishop E.Q. Jennings School, are committed to providing our early adolescent learners with a holistic education within a Catholic Christian environment, so that we may instill in them the knowledge, skills, values and attributes necessary to become constructive and creative contributors to society.

God, in Your great love
You bring us joy and peace.
You call us to be your children
in a loving school community
of teachers, parents and friends.

We thank you for Bishop E.Q. Jennings,
his faithful life of love and concern for children.
Bless us as we now strive
To live in mutual respect and trust
To be our brother’s keeper,
forgiving, as we are forgiven,
loving, as we are loved,
standing up for what is right,
seeing goodness in each other.

Guide us in our daily work
of building a Christian community of charity
always mindful of those in need.

We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Who We Are

Bishop E. Q. Jennings School is designed to accommodate the needs of early adolescent learners. In the atmosphere of a Senior Elementary School, students are provided with opportunities for growth spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally. It is our intent to encourage our students to realize their self-worth as well as learn to appreciate the value of others. To this end, we will provide them with opportunities to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes that, we trust, will lead to lifelong learning, individual faith development and good citizenship.


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