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OECTA Update

In addition to this Friday’s province-wide walkout (Friday, February 21), OECTA (Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association), the Union representing our Elementary, Secondary and Occasional Teachers have announced that if an agreement is not reached their members will participate in a full withdrawal of services on Tuesday, February 25. OECTA will hold rotating walk-outs next week across the province.

Unless OECTA withdraws its strike notice, all TBCDSB schools and programs will be closed to students on:

  • Friday, February 21, 2020
  • Tuesday, February 25, 2020

We ask parents and guardians of our students to arrange care for their child as a contingency plan if these strikes take place.

The Board respects the Union’s right to strike, and remains hopeful a negotiated settlement will occur between the Provincial Bargaining Parties.


Updated Monday Feb. 10

2018 - 2019 Annual Director's Report

Thunder Bay Police Celebrate Family Literacy Day!

Watch the Video, below!

OECTA Update

Our Board was informed on Tuesday February 5, 2020, that OECTA (Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association), the union representing our Elementary, Secondary and Occasional Teachers, will enhance job action on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, unless a tentative agreement is reached with the government and OCSTA (Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association).

OECTA job actions will now include the following:

  • Within a 300-minute instructional day, all OECTA members will do only their scheduled teaching and supervision assignments and will not agree to, or participate in, any additions/modifications to their schedule with the exception of assemblies and/or liturgies during their regular instructional time.
  • This includes the internal/on-call coverage of another teacher’s class – such coverage will be the responsibility of administration.
  • Occasional teachers will only take on the scheduled timetable of the absent teacher they are replacing.
  • The length of the instructional day for OECTA members not assigned to a school (i.e. Consultants, special assignment Elementary Unit members at the board office, Resource Teachers, etc.) shall be 300 minutes. Such members will ensure that they take their full and uninterrupted lunch break, which is not included within the 300 minutes.
  • OECTA Members will NOT miss or reschedule their planning or preparation time unless it is missed because the member was on a voluntary out-of-school activity, for example on a school trip.
  • OECTA Members will NOT act in the capacity of a Teacher Designate, Teacher In-charge or equivalent, nor accept any further delegation of authority.
  • Beginning February 11, 2020, OECTA Members will NOT accept the duties of acting administrators. OECTA members in this role prior to February 11 may continue to act in this role until the assignment ends.
  • OECTA Members will NOT accept any delegation of authority in the absence of a principal or vice-principal.
  • OECTA Members will NOT disperse their students to other classrooms when they are absent.
  • OECTA Members will NOT accept students dispersed from the classroom of an absent teacher during instructional time.
  • OECTA Members will NOT complete any tasks related to the OSR.
  • OECTA Members will NOT participate in certification training for Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) programs outside the 300-minute instructional day.
  • OECTA Members will NOT collect or distribute paperwork that is generated by the Ministry of Education, the school board, or the school administration (e.g. exam schedules, timetables schedules, department reports, submissions for newsletters, web sites, blogs, etc.), nor will OECTA members produce said paperwork.
    • OECTA Members will only complete paperwork that directly impacts the needs of individual students (e.g. IEPs, student behavioral plans, etc.).
    • Course selection forms will be processed as per usual practice.
  • OECTA Members will NOT use their own money to purchase materials or resources for their students, the classroom, the school, or the board.
  • OECTA Members will NOT perform teaching or assigned work outside of the 194 school days, even if entitled to or offered lieu days in return.
  • OECTA Members will NOT attend any meetings, with the following exceptions:

    • Those that deal with Special Education, NTIP, or TPA. These meetings must be scheduled during the 300-minute instructional day.
    • Parent-teacher interviews/meetings etc. will continue as per past practice.
    • Joint Health and Safety meetings and inspections, and Joint Staffing meetings, both board and school level, continue as per past practice.

Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board understands and respects the right to strike. The Board is committed to providing the very best instruction to our students throughout the bargaining process. Our priority continues to be the safety and well-being of everyone in our schools while maintaining caring learning environments for all students and staff.


Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board

For Full Updates of all Unions, please click here

Wuhan novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

As you will likely know, on January 25, 2020, Ontario identified its first presumptive confirmed case for the Wuhan novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Today, January 27,

2020, Ontario has confirmed that the wife of the first case has tested positive for the virus at Ontario's public health laboratory.

Please see the attached letter(s) forward from the Deputy Minister of Education, on behalf of Dr. David Williams the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health regarding the coronavirus.

Kindergarten Information Night + Open Houses

Come and learn more about us and our program, Kindergrow! We can't wait to meet you!

Kindergarten Information Night!

Save the Date!

Welcome to Kindergarten Information Night

Wednesday January 29, 2020

Victoria Inn Ballroom at 6:00 p.m.

Register online, today!

New Chair & Vice-Chair

Trustee, Francis Veneruz has been elected as Chair of the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board, and Trustee, Loretta Fonso was elected as Vice-Chair.

Both bring a variety of experience and knowledge as retired teachers from our Board, with Mr. Veneruz retiring as a Principal from St. Patrick high school.

The election was held Monday evening, following the Trustee & Senior Administration annual mass and commissioning service.

How a Thunder Bay satellite kindergarten class...

Every weekday morning, in a scene that might play out in classrooms across the country, Kimberly John leads her four- and five-year-olds in a song about the weather and helps them count out loud and answer questions about how they are feeling that day.

Read more from Caroline Alphonso's Article in the Globe and Mail, highlighting our amazing Kindergarten class at Fort William First Nation!

No Bully Zone!

Draft an Athlete!

This morning, St. Francis School welcomed guests Warren, and Special Olympic Athlete, Nicole to their school.

Nicole had the opportunity to tell students about her skills and favourite sports to compete in, while also talking about the upcoming Special Olympics Winter Games.

This year, our amazing city is hosting the Special Olympics Winter Games (February 25-29). St. Francis, along with the rest of our schools in our Board, are raising funds to draft an athlete!

- What’s Draft an Athlete? -

Draft an Athlete is a program that allows supporters of the movement to fund a Special Olympics athlete’s journey to a regional, provincial, national or world competition. The cost of sending athletes to competitions is high. Through the Draft an Athlete program, more athletes are able to attend a competition through direct support.

Thank you Warren and Nicole for visiting, taking the time to let these lions know some more information about the Special Olympics and the Draft and Athlete Campaign!

Tbaytel for Good - WINNER!

Students at St. Martin were shocked this morning, when they learned they were winners in the Tbaytel for Good contest!

Tbaytel surprised the entire student body, and presented all winners with their awards this morning in the school gymnasium.

The students in Mme Auger’s grade six class submitted the idea to build a Blessings Cupboard. With the help from Mme Redfern-Pucci, a video was submitted to Tbaytel, outlining the need for the cupboard and the items it will contain. Necessities such as: winter clothing, hygiene products, and other items will be made available to any student who may need it.

The school received $1,500 through the program and the students cannot wait to get started to help others, especially their classmates in need.

Way to go Mustangs! We are so proud of you. Thank you to EVERYONE who voted, and continued to vote on daily basis!

Nolan's Journey

Nolan Connelly, is a former Pope John Paul II School Community French immersion student from Mme Antaki’s class.

Last summer, Nolan experienced an accident this past summer leaving him a paraplegic. Nolan was an active 21 year old student at Lakehead university studying kinesiology, when in a flash, his life changed forever.

Pope John Paul’s student council, known as JCC, decided to raise money to assist Nolan in his recovery process. The students wanted Nolan to know that they are thinking of him and wish him well as he rebuilds his life.

JCC held a hat day, sold cookies and candy bags, organized a trivia lunch game and hosted a dance. Through the students we were able to raise $2,200.00 dollars for Nolan and his family!

Nolan is presently in Toronto undergoing physical therapy but will be visiting the school in the new year to show his appreciation. The students are excited and looking forward to meeting Nolan and will find inspiration in his touching story.

We are praying for you Nolan! thank you to these amazing students at PJP for their selflessness, in order to help one of their alumni.

Remembrance Day

Today, Mrs. Halushak's class from St. Pius X School joined hundreds of others at the Port Arthur Cenotaph for the Remembrance Day Ceremonies. Two of her students had the honour of laying a wreath.

Students across our Board participated in Remembrance Day ceremonies today, and have been engaged in various activities - from prayer services to crafts and history projects for Remembrance Week.

We ran into several alumni, two of these faces you may recognize in particular - Sgt Billy McElroy and WO Jon O'Connor, who helped us with our Remembrance Day video. We also caught up with many of our alumni from Thunder Bay Police Service and the LSSR who attended St. Ignatius High School Thunder Bay and @StPatrickhigh

We recognize the courage and sacrifice of those who served and who continue to serve. Thank you.

Lest we Forget.

November Tulips

Grade 10 History students in Ms. Etienne & Ms. Papich's classes St. Ignatius High School Thunder Bay participated in a ceremonial tulip planting service at Current River Park in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland.

The tulips were planted in pots on site, and will eventually be transplanted into the St. Ignatius Outdoor classroom area.

The new monument was embraced as an outdoor classroom. Here, the classes had the opportunity to discuss local World War I history and have a prayer service, honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

They also discussed the relationship between Canada and the Netherlands since World War II. The Canadian forces led the liberation of the Netherlands, and provided sanctuary for the Dutch Royal Family while their country was under Nazi occupation.

Tulips are a symbol of the enduring friendship between Canada and the Netherlands because of Canada’s selfless actions to assist. Thank you for inviting us! It was a great addition to Remembrance Week services.

We Remember

Nearing the end of October, St. Pius X School & St Jude Elementary School students in Mrs. Halushak & Mrs. Boyd's classes ventured to Hillcrest Park and the Port Arthur Cenotaph.

Each student wrote down the meaning of peace to them, and learned about Remembrance Day, the Cenotaph, the Armoury and why it's important to remember.

The peace sign images will be used in Remembrance Day ceremonies at their schools, taking place tomorrow.

Safe Drinking Water in our Schools

Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board works collaboratively with the Government of Ontario to uphold current provincial regulations for safe drinking water and schools.

We work diligently with our Engineering Consultants to ensure our drinking water is safe for all. To learn more about policies, procedures and test results, click here.

2019 Results will be posted within the next month.

Sound Structures

Sean, Doug and Richard, Architects from Brook McIlroy, along with Dan, from Dan Pradal Construction, were on site to teach the students all about investigating strong and stable structures!

This deep learning project became even more fun and engaging with the help of marshmallows, Swedish Berries and toothpicks to create their very own mini stable structures.

Students had the opportunity to put their lesson to work in creating different shapes - such as triangles, to create a solid foundation for their structure.

Thank you to Sean, Doug, Richard and Dan for taking time out of your day to help the Students with their Deep Learning project. It's always great to have local professionals come into the classroom!

Thank you Mrs. Meo for inviting us!

Checkout all of our photos from today on Facebook!

Kindergarten Inquiry Excursion!

This week, we were invited by Ms. Turco and Ms. Aube from St. Bernard School to tag along on their Kindergarten Inquiry Excursion!

Even more fun, we had Ms. Lenardon and Ms. Grann's class with us, along with our guides/educators from the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority!

These amazing classes have been involved in a fall inquiry focus on the natural environment trees, leaves and animals. Exploring the Cascades together was a lot of fun, especially when you have parent, grandparent and canine helpers!

Thanks for the inquisitive morning!

- Treaties Week - Birchbark Canoe

This week honours the importance of treaties and helps students and residents of Ontario learn more about treaty rights and relationships.

Mr. Angus visited several classrooms and schools, and has been active in sharing his knowledge and songs with students.

This week, Bishop Gallagher Senior Elementary School with the help of Mr. Ramage and Mr. Angus, created Birch Bark Canoes. This birch was all harvested from Mr. Angus' property. Thank you for this!

Busy Jaguars!

Last week, we visited Pope John Paul II School Community... and the word "busy" is quite the understatement!

This school is HUSTLING!

We learned all about Nolan's journey, and then discovered that Ms. Harrison, Ms. Racco, Mr. Dubeau, Mr. Erdman and Ms. Lamothe along with their students are weaving sleeping mats for the homeless. This is a TEDIOUS project! The plastic bags were collected, then the students have to flatten the bags, cut them into strips (to make "yarn") and crochet them together. We will check back on their progress!

We then dropped by class 73, where Mrs. Henderson's class are collecting socks and underwear for a local agency. IF you want to donate! Please drop off NEW socks and underwear to the office!

THEN... oh yes, there's a "then", we made our way to the culinary room, where the scent of garlic and cilantro greeted us! Mrs. Harrison's class was busy preparing their "Last Supper" - a final meal preparation for the semester.

Jaguars - keep up the amazing work, you're doing amazing things!

St. Martin's Mustangs' Blessing Cupboard

Click here, to vote for the St. Martin's Mustangs' Blessing Cupboard through Tbaytel for Good contest!

The school community will stock a Blessings Cupboard with food basics, personal care items, clothing and household essentials for students to access year round.

  • You can vote as many times as you want until Friday, November 8th, 2019 at 4 p.m. ET, so vote now and vote often!

Goodbye F. Scott Fitzgerald...

Our Saints were visited by reporter, Caroline Alphonso from The Globe and Mail during their Contemporary Aboriginal Voices class.

"In a city facing tough questions about racism and reconciliation, educators hope new authors in the curriculum can offer different answers."

Thank you to everyone involved who helped launch this curriculum. From Board to Classroom, it takes a true team to make programming like this possible!

To learn more, click here.



Did you receive a text this morning? Yes, that was us!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Text messaging service is now available!

Our schools utilize the SchoolMessenger system to deliver text messages, straight to your mobile phone. Important information about events, school closures, safety alerts and more will be delivered to you, promptly.

Text “YES” to this number:


And you’re done!

You can also opt out of these messages at any time, simply in responding to one of our messages with the response: “stop”.

First Communion Welcome

Our Southside schools participated in a beautiful mass yesterday, at St. Agnes Church, Thunder Bay

These young grade two students are preparing for their first Holy Communion, and were welcomed, together with their families to a celebratory mass.

The First Communion team, including teachers Maureen Van Dyk and Kristen Veneziale, from St. Agnes Church, invited the students.

The mass was introduced to help build excitement and prepare the students for enrolling in First Reconciliation and Communion at their family parish.

Thank you to everyone who attended. It was a beautiful afternoon.

To learn more about First Communion, please contact your family Parish.

Friendship has no Age!

Today, students from Holy Cross Elementary School had the opportunity to meet students from Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School!

As part of their deep-learning initiatives, Mrs. Arthur's former grade 4 class wanted to do something special for fellow students.

Living in Thunder Bay is something many take for granted, especially when you are a student who was born and raised in the community. Holy Cross students took a great interest in learning more about students in northern communities, who must leave their homes in order to pursue their education in Thunder Bay.

Because of this transition, and introduction to a new city and new surroundings, the students wanted to make new DFC students feel welcome. As an extension of camaraderie, these new grade five students created welcome care packages with the help of many local businesses!

Thank you to the staff, students and Elders of DFC for making us feel so incredibly welcomed. The homemade bannock and cookies were delicious, and the students really enjoyed having a school tour while getting to meet "big kids".

St. Francis Day!

Did you know, October 4th is the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi?

Did you know St. Francis is the Catholic Church’s patron saint of animals and the environment? AND during this day, it is a popular day for pets to be blessed.

Today, Father Jerin was at St. Francis School celebrating St. Francis of Assisi Day with a beautiful outdoor mass.

Students, Staff, families and furry friends were all invited to participate and many furry and fishy friends were blessed.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Shout out to Luna, the most patient and easy going cat we've ever met!

We Matter!

"I matter, you matter, we matter." - St. James Public School

Today we celebrated with our friends at Lakehead Public Schools, where Staples and The Kiwanis Club of Thunder Bay presented extremely generous donations to our students and their school communities.

International Walk to School Month!

We started our morning with St. Margaret Elementary School and EcoSuperior with a great walk!

Did you know that walking to and from school has so many wonderful benefits, which include: staying active, improving overall health, AND making sustainable transportation choices. Schools such as St. Margaret can even track their class’ trips, and the highest participating classes and schools win prizes!

The event is part of the WOW TBay project, which is co-led by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and EcoSuperior. This project is made possible through financial support from Green Communities Canada and the Government of Ontario.

Terry Fox Run

Students, staff and their families at Holy Family School took to the street, and walked in honour of Terry Fox and their loved ones, battling cancer.

"It's got to keep going without me..." - Terry Fox

These amazing students are continuing his legacy, with a goal of raising funds for cancer research.

Within the last nine years, Holy Family School alone has raised over $26,000.

We're so proud of ALL of schools... and our entire Thunder Bay community who participate in this yearly event.

We all know how near and dear Terry is to our community, with his running journey sadly ending here in our city.


"Doctors in Thunder Bay confirmed that cancer had spread from his legs to his lungs. He phoned his parents who caught the first plane to Thunder Bay. Terry was so weak when he tried to walk across the street to a car so they could get a bite to eat outside the hospital, he collapsed. “The day before I’d run 26 miles and now I couldn’t even walk across the street,” he said." - Marathon of Hope website

Orange Shirt Day!

We kicked off the morning at St. Ann Elementary School and caught up with our students in their very best orange apparel!

We then headed over to St. Martin Elementary School where students in Mme Auger and Mme Wowchuk's classes showed us the attachment hearts they loving sewed.

Attachment hearts are used to support kinship, connection and relationships for Aboriginal children, youth, families and communities. They are filled with traditional Indigenous medicines *tobacco* and given to someone who is a friend, family member or caregiver to demonstrate your attachment to that person.

WE then headed to the gym, where we took a massive photo with all of the students and staff members wearing orange. Those who forgot to wear orange, helped us capture the perfect photo! Thanks Assistants!

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