November Tulips

Grade 10 History students in Ms. Etienne & Ms. Papich's classes St. Ignatius High School Thunder Bay participated in a ceremonial tulip planting service at Current River Park in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland.

The tulips were planted in pots on site, and will eventually be transplanted into the St. Ignatius Outdoor classroom area.

The new monument was embraced as an outdoor classroom. Here, the classes had the opportunity to discuss local World War I history and have a prayer service, honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

They also discussed the relationship between Canada and the Netherlands since World War II. The Canadian forces led the liberation of the Netherlands, and provided sanctuary for the Dutch Royal Family while their country was under Nazi occupation.

Tulips are a symbol of the enduring friendship between Canada and the Netherlands because of Canada’s selfless actions to assist. Thank you for inviting us! It was a great addition to Remembrance Week services.

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