Special Education

  • Students will continue to receive support from Special Education staff, including teachers and SSPs, based on individual need.

  • Kindergarten-12 Summer transition programs supporting students with Special Education needs will run from August 14th-28th.

  • IEPs (Individual Education Plans), including Transition Plans, will be updated to determine the most appropriate plan for individual students.

  • SEA equipment transfers to students transferring schools will be completed in early September.

  • Behaviour Support Plans and Safety Plans will be updated (including reference to BMST) will be updated to reflect current procedures and protocols and will be shared with staff.

  • Schedule and cleaning regime will be established for calming/relaxation rooms.

  • Use of shared items or equipment will be discouraged. Equipment that must be shared should be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use, or users should perform hand hygiene before and after each use.

  • Consideration of additional PPE for staff and students, based on individuals needs and consideration of public health.

  • Revised protocols for personal hygiene will be established.

  • Physical distancing requirements and plexiglass shields will be used when conducting assessments.

  • Section 23 classes (Gateway) will continue to run.

  • Students in a Transitions Class would be part of two cohorts.

To learn more about Ministry initiatives within Special Education, please click here.


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