Mental Health

Prior to school starting, School Mental Health Ontario will provide Boards with a professional learning toolkit to support the mental health of all students that can be tailored at the Board and school level for different audiences. The Board will implement a tiered approach for mental health that will capture all students and target intensive help to those most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Please see below for additional mental health initiatives.

  • All staff were surveyed regarding their health and well-being needs.

  • An additional 1.0 FTE Social Worker will be hired.

  • Referral Processes will remain the same for student mental health concerns.

  • Tips and links to well-being support in the community will be posted on Board and school websites.

  • Mental Health Resources/Training provided by SMHO.

  • Social and Emotional Programming (MindUp, Zones of Regulation) will be purchased as additional resources.

  • Individual student Fidget and Sensory kits will be ordered to support students

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