Return to School

Previously, our scheduled start date was September 3rd 2020. We have now decided to begin the school year for students on Tuesday, September 8th. This allows all of us additional time to refine our plan and further prepare.

As we’ve said throughout this pandemic, the safety of our students and staff is paramount and after careful consideration, we are opting for a student staggered entry to occur from September 8th to September 11th.

The Minister of Education recently announced the option to have a staggered start to the upcoming school year. Our Board has taken this opportunity to ensure all safety precautions are made for students, staff and families.

What does this mean?

Students and Staff will slowly be acclimatized to their surroundings in smaller groups. A staggered start time will help ease the transition for both students and staff.

Please see the staggered start periods for your child(ren):

Early Learning Kindergarten Program

  • On September 3rd and 4th, teachers and early childhood educators will meet with Year 1 students and parents. Parents will be contacted with their meeting date and time and safety protocols will be in place for the meeting.
  • Year 2 Kindergarten students will start attending daily on September 9th.
  • Year 1 students will stagger their entry from September 9th to September 11th.

Grades 1-6

  • Grade 4, 5 and 6 students will attend on September 8th and not on September 9th.
  • Grade 1, 2 and 3 students will attend on September 9th and not on September 8th.

Grades 7-8

  • Grade 8 students will attend on September 8th and not on September 9th.
  • Grade 7 students will attend on September 9th and not on September 8th.

High School Entry Dates for Startup

High schools will stagger their start as follows:

  • Grade 9 and 11 students will attend on September 8th and not on September 9th.
  • Grade 10 and 12 students will attend on September 9th and not on September 8th.
  • All students will start attending daily on September 10th. Students will report directly to their AM session class

Learn at Home:

Please know, you will be contacted by our virtual school team between September 8th and September 10th. During this time a Learn at Home staff member will provide you with the details pertaining to the virtual structure of the program. We look forward to “seeing you” online, in our new virtual school environment.

For High School students, there may be limited class options available online. Students may not have a matching time table from the conventional model, Teachers teaching Learn at Home will not be teaching in the conventional model.

Opt-In Learn at Home

If you choose, or do not feel comfortable with your child(ren) attending school, the Learn at Home option is available, you will be required to opt-in for this model. Please register here for Learn at Home.

September will be different. There is no doubt these last few months have been trying, uncertain and out of the ordinary. We have learned to adapt, as we cautiously and safely return to our workplaces, businesses and extracurriculars that have reopened.

While school closures were reasonable as part of the early pandemic response, current evidence and experience support the concept that children and youth can return to school in a manner that maximizes their health and minimizes risks from a public health perspective.

As we move forward within our “new normal”, school will look a lot differently but remain the same; we will continue to uphold our values, our optimism and our commitment to our TBCDSB families, because together, we ARE stronger.

This page is dedicated to providing the most accurate and up-to date information. We hope this hub provides clarification and further support in the Ministry’s Return to School initiative.

Important things to remember:

It is OKAY to feel nervous, anxious, confused and conflicted. It is also OKAY to feel excited, rejuvenated, positive and optimistic. Emotions can vary and rollercoaster, this is OKAY.

We want you to feel reassured that health and safety is of utmost importance for our students and staff. We too are parents, grandparents, staff members and employees, and we will continue to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of our TBCDSB family.

Our Goals as we prepare to head back to school:

  • Ensuring protocols are in place so that students and staff are healthy and safe
  • Providing an enhanced online/distanced learning experience for students who continue to learn from home
  • Assessing student learning gaps and developing plans to provide appropriate intervention where needed
  • Maintaining a focus on mental health supports for students and staff returning to school and those who will continue to learn and work from home

What you need to know:

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